Basic formation & training in school-this instant subculture — fun fears, entirely interactive, perky educational fun that teaches a large number of subjects

You need to make all, without exception, elmscan 7 notebooks and run away from secondary schools, all without exception period churayas Baldi. Terrible teacher Baldi has a large number of friends at school, which will slow down your development and set you about the danger of being caught, so what to find out, as well as any hero functions and as well as you will be able to exclude their attention

make all laptops without exception, find a solution to the difficulties and escape from secondary schools. Can you make this? Since the line you expect more and scary characters, which live in the school. Probably, they will become including a little bit worse than the cleaner. Because of any wrong result, the evil Baldi is able to organize fear for you, and if someone finds you, in this case, the line will not be back. In order to survive it is necessary to understand all without exception the basics of Baldi. Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend TD-Premium mythical fun of tower defense 2018.

The perfect combination of strategy form of entertainment and fun for the protection of the tower.

Orcs are increasing and getting ready to attack your state. In order to protect the State, you began to make troops, improve the citadel in spite of hordes of evil monsters. Near you stand heroes-these who have special abilities, will fight with you to protect your Kingdom.